United Airlines Will Be Building Flight Simulators In Denver

The nation loves to speculate, and after CEO Scott Kirby made numerous trips to Denver, United Airlines was rumored to move headquarters from Chicago to Denver.

United's purchase of land near Denver International Airport sparked rumors. United Airlines wants to build flight simulators on 113 acres near Denver International Airport.

United submitted plans to the city last month for a 12-simulator facility to open in 2027. 

There has been a nationwide pilot shortage for years, so officials say “an immediate need exists to establish a new simulator building.” United bought the land for $33 million.

United already has 44 flight training simulators in Denver, which would be expanded. The airline needs a new building because its simulators are full.

"The complete implementation of Phase 1 is projected to extend beyond 2027, including additional flight training facilities and ancillary uses," the plan stated. 

"Concurrently, alongside the FTC, United is actively investigating programmatic needs to support corporate campus activity accommodating 5,000 employees in future phases of the project," noted the plan. 

United previously said it has big plans to grow in Denver.

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