Trends In Interior Design That Are Universally Desired

Maximalist design

Where minimalism champions stripped-back design, the philosophy behind maximalism is that less really isn’t more; in fact, the busier the better.

Charming chintz

Once dismissed as old-fashion, this flowery pattern style is back in a more refined guise yet it is still as delightful as ever.

Fluted details

Minimalist decor ideas were unheard of in this decade. The 1980s prioritized detail, and none more so than on surfaces, especially in kitchens.

Earthy, Rich brown

Tell someone you are painting a room brown and watch them recoil in horror. However, this much-maligned color is a great neutral. Warm, grounding, and versatile, there is something oh-so comforting and reassuring about brown room ideas.

Circular forms

Before the straight lines and angular forms of the nineties and noughties took hold, curvaceous design and cylindrical forms were the front and center in our homes.

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