These loyal Dog Breeds Make The Best Companions For Any Family

Labrador Retriever

There's a reason Lucy is so loyal! "A great choice for families with young kids or other dogs, Labs get along with everyone and love their owners endlessly.

Cocker Spaniel

Cockers were originally bred as hunting dogs but quickly become what the AKC describes as one of the "world's best-loved breeds" for being "all-around companions." They are great with kids and easily trained.

 Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell of Ree's childhood was named Suzie, and she solidified her love of dogs for life! Both affectionate with humans and other dogs, they are easy to have around and bring a burst of energy with them wherever they go.

Doberman Pinscher

Despite their size, dobermans are actually great around children and quite affectionate with their human families. Known as one of the most protective breeds, they are very loyal companions and very easy to train.


Proof that the best things do come in small packages, this mighty little breed still brings a huge amount of spunk and affection to any family. They're quite adaptable, too, so they'll do well in pretty much any environment.

Shiba Inu

The AKC describes this breed as "spirited and good natured." Once a hunting dog, they are now the most popular companion dog in Japan and gaining in popularity here in the US.


Despite their sometimes gruff appearance, bulldogs are a friendly and calm breed that makes for a great companion

German Shepherds

You may recognize Rin Tin Tin from TV shows, but the original German shepherds were bred to be the perfect work dog for their human companions.

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