These Are the Pups That Top the List of Smartest Dog Breed

Gordon Setter 

According to the American Kennel Club, although they were originally bred to hunt, setters have become known for their reliability, excellent memory, and stamina, in addition to their intelligence. 

Welsh Terrier 

According to PetPonder, these terriers are rambunctious at first for new owners, but with good training, these dogs become fiercely loyal and protective. 

Old English Sheepdog 

According to Your Purebred Puppy, Old English Sheepdogs are sociable, good-natured pets that thrive around people and are demanding of attention. 

English Springer Spaniel 

Originally developed as a "gun dog" for game shooting in fields, English Springer Spaniels are extremely obedient in tracking and hunting, while also being a pleasant companion. 

Australian Cattle 

According to the American Kennel Club, Australian Cattle Dogs are an alert and curious breed belonging to the Herding Group, and group of breeds that share an "instinctual ability" to control the movements of other animals. 

Belgian Tervuren 

Tervs, as Belgian Tervurens are widely known, are very independent and intelligent. According to the American Kennel Club, their smart self-sufficiency can actually get them into trouble if they're not trained properly. 

Border Collie 

Border Collies are famous herders, and according to the American Kennel Club, these canines are some of the most agile, balanced, and durable dogs around. Obedience training should start early 

Golden Retriever 

Golden Retrievers are hard workers, hands down. According to The Smart Canine, they are the fourth smartest dog breed for their obedience and working intelligence. 

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