Every Stylist Swears By This houseplant

Golden Pothos

If you need a fast-growing, lush plant to fill out a bare space quickly, the pothos should be your top pick. With its variegated heart-shaped leaves and spindly, crawling vine, this low-light-tolerant plant needs very little to thrive


Similar in appearance to the pothos, philodendrons also feature heart-shaped leaves and fast-growing tendrils. These cutie trailers are the perfect hanging basket plant or would look beautiful spilling from an urn.

Peace Lily

Perhaps one of the most well-known indoor plants, this tropical flowering evergreen will do best in a room that mimics its natural environment—indirect light, warm air, and moist soil.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Notable for its broad, wavy leaves, this sculptural and sprawling tree makes a statement in large, open spaces. While beautiful, this beloved tree can be finicky to care for as it requires lots of light and a warm, humid climate, similar to its native tropical home.

English Ivy

While this aggressive grower is typically avoided when planting outdoors, it won't cause any trouble contained in a pot indoors. Moist soil and bright but not direct light are ideal. Prepare to do some pruning, though, since ivy can climb quickly.

Chinese Money Plant

A great pick for beginners, this whimsical-looking plant doesn't need very bright light, warm temps, or much water. (Overwatering will cause it to rot.) Because it grows so quickly, you can remove some of the new shoots occasionally and pot them in a new planter, or you can leave them for a fuller look.

Rubber Tree

Just give this easygoing plant a bright window and adequate watering every few weeks and you'll be rewarded with a tall, dramatic tree. Its deep evergreen leaves shine against the purple-hued stems.

Jade Plant

Jade plants can last a lifetime if properly cared for. These beloved succulents love bright light (at least six hours), well-draining soil, and frequent watering in the summer months.

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