The Most Dangerous Countries For Female Traveler


Street safety, the gender pay gap, and gender inequality led to Ukraine's ranking. "Ukrainians do not consider gender-based discrimination in the workplace a serious issue," shared Lyric Fergusson with Forbes. 


The most dangerous Western country on the list, the US scores poorly on street safety, non-partner sexual violence, and a host of gender inequality issues. Homicide is the third most likely way to die for women aged between 20 and 24. 


Poor street safety, legal discrimination, and gender inequality give Tunisia its ranking, a country where at least 47% of the country’s women are affected by domestic violence. 


In Bahrain, rapists are protected from being prosecuted if they are married to their victims or if they move forward to marry them. 


The third worst country for violence towards women attitudes, in Cambodia "over half of men believe that women provoke men into being violent toward them," Lyric Fergusson told Forbes. 


On a daily basis, 40% of women are harassed and 90% have experienced some sort of harassment, according to the study. 


Argentina scored the third worst with street safety and the 10th worst with intentional homicide of women. Robberies are also quite common in Buenos Aires. 


Turkey had the fourth worst rating for intimate partner violence, the fifth worst in the global gender gap, and the eighth worst in street safety. 

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