The 10 Weirdest Pet Toys We Could Find

Sushi Cat Toys:

These toys are designed to look like different types of sushi. They often contain crinkly material, catnip, or bells to entertain cats.

Giggle Ball:

A ball that makes giggling sounds when touched or rolled. This type of toy is designed to engage dogs with its unpredictable noise.

Banana Catnip Toy:

A plush banana filled with catnip that appeals to many cats' playful instincts. Cats often hug and kick these toys during play.

Bubble Backpack for Cats:

A backpack that releases bubbles as your cat paws at it. It adds an element of surprise and movement to entertain cats.

Pet Rock:

A classic oddity, the pet rock is a smooth stone packaged as a pet. While not interactive, it's a humorous novelty item.

Chicken Leg Plush Toy:

A plush toy designed to look like a chicken leg. Dogs might enjoy chewing on it, and its humorous appearance can entertain pet owners.

Poop Emoji Dog Toy:

A plush toy shaped like the infamous poop emoji. Dogs can carry it around or play fetch with this lighthearted choice.

Unicorn Horn for Cats:

A soft unicorn horn that can be strapped to a cat's head. It adds a whimsical touch to your cat's appearance during playtime.

Cactus Cat Scratcher:

A cat scratcher shaped like a cactus. This functional yet quirky item provides a designated spot for cats to satisfy their scratching instincts.

Taco Dog Costume:

A taco-shaped costume for dogs that adds a humorous element to pet dress-up. Great for pet parties or just for fun at home.

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