The 10 Most Beautiful Perennial Flowers for Your Garden

Lenten Rose

These stunning flowers bloom in mid to late winter, often around the time of Lent when snow still is on the ground. Lenten roses, also called hellebores, may seem fragile, but their toughness is legendary.


Peonies can live for decades, so they’re a worthwhile investment for your perennial garden. These lush flowers bloom in late spring. Many have intense fragrances, and they’re available in many colors and forms.


Penstemon, also called beardtongue, is a sturdy, sun-loving summer bloomer. This drought-tolerant and deer-resistant plant is ideal for all types of gardens.


There are several different kinds of lavender, suited for different conditions: English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the most common.

Coral Bells

Coral bells, also called heuchera, have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years with many new cultivars, or cultivated varieties, introduced. Grown mostly for its striking, ruffled foliage.


Dahlias are so perfect that they don’t even look real! They’re available in an array of types, sizes, and colors. Their forms range from tiny ball-shaped blooms to flowers the size of a dinner plate. They’re also long-lived in the vase.

Balloon Flower

Adorable little buds, which resemble tiny balloons, open into long-lasting star-shaped flowers in mid-summer. The flowers are a deep blue or pale pink. Best of all, deer usually leave them alone. Give balloon flowers full sun.

Japanese Anemone

These charming perennials provide late season color that lasts well into fall. Also called windflower, they have a delicate beauty, with a profuse number of pink or white blooms nodding on long stems atop its mounded foliage.


Cranesbill, or perennial geraniums, are tough plants that tolerate poor soil and extreme cold. Their attractive foliage has a spicy scent, which repels hungry rabbits. Dainty flowers top the foliage in early summer, though newer types bloom all season.


Papaver, or Oriental poppies, have papery blooms that appear in spring through early summer. Plant the roots in fall for blooms the next year; there also are annual types which often reseed themselves freely.

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