Small Details That Indicate Your Personality

Smart, productive people walk with a modest forward lean and a rapid stride. Walking with shoulders back, chest front, and head up is considered as charismatic, lively, and socially adept.

How You Walk

Yes, your toilet paper roll hanger reflects your individuality. A survey by therapist Gilda Carle found that doing so overhand or underhand implies assertiveness.

How To Roll Toilet Paper

Another indicator of personality is email etiquette. Do you often say “I,” “me,” and “mine”? This frequently indicates narcissism.

Your Emails

Nervous ticks—body-focused repetitive behaviors—are common. According to a study, if you tug your hair or bite your nails to relieve boredom or irritation, you may be a perfectionist.

Ticks With Nerves

How well does timeliness indicate personality? Being punctual makes people more conscientious and agreeable.

Your Punctuality

Handshakes reveal a lot about a person and affect first impressions and what others think of them. Firmer handshakes were associated with emotional positivity, confidence, expressiveness, and extroversion, according to research

Your Handshake

Personality can also be determined by footwear. A study invited volunteers to evaluate several persons by looking at images of their shoes. The results were very accurate (the people who wore the shoes took a personality test).

Your Shoes

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