Brush Stroke

How to Apply Liquid Blush Like a Pro Makeup Artist



Choose the Right Shade

Choose a matching liquid blush. Most skin tones suit pink, coral, and peach. Richer colors look great on darker skin.

Prep Your Skin

Clean, moisturized skin. Foundation and concealer before blush. Smooth surfaces blend liquid blush better.

Shake the Product

Shake liquid blush before use. This evenly distributes and applies pigments.

Dispense the Product

Most liquid blushes are concentrated. Apply a small amount to the back of your hand or fingertips.

Dab or Draw the Blush

Liquid blush has two main methods: 1. Dabbing: Method 2: Drawing: Use a liquid blush applicator wand to draw dots or lines on your cheeks.

Build the Intensity

Start with a little liquid blush and add more for a stronger color. Apply slowly until you achieve your desired look.

Set the Blush

Set liquid blush with a similar-colored powder blush to keep it in place. This step extends blush wear and adds dimension.

Finish Your Makeup

Apply mascara, lipstick, and translucent powder.

Bonus Tip: Mixing Liquid Blush

Mixing liquid blush with other liquids or creams lets you be creative. For a dewy glow, mix a liquid highlighter with blush.