Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes didn't want to come out of game after helmet crack

Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, appears to accomplish things on the football field that spectators are not used to, and it happened again Saturday night against the Miami Dolphins.

Mahomes attempted to run for a score in the third quarter when he was stopped by Dolphins defensive back DeShone Elliott. The two collided in the helmet, preventing Mahomes from scoring on the play.

The transmission revealed that Mahomes' helmet had fractured at the top. NFL officials halted play so that he could acquire a new helmet. He informed reporters after the game that he had never experienced a helmet break like that before.

"I'm sure it had to do with it being really cold," Mahomes remarked. "I had no idea what occurred in the moment, but I went in the huddle and everyone was telling me, and I was like, 'I got y'all, but I'm not leaving the game. We can figure things out from the sidelines.

"I was hoping we scored, but obviously we didn't get in the end zone." Mahomes appeared irritated as he put on the replacement helmet. He stated that it did not fit him at first and suspected that the cold tightened it.

"They have a backup out there; we need to discuss where we store the backup because it was frozen when I tried to put it on. It was entirely frozen; I couldn't put it on," he explained. "d that the cold tightened it.

"I'm not sure if anyone took a picture of it; it didn't seem good. We were able to modify it on the sideline, get it warmed up, and get started from there." Mahomes finished 23 of 41 for 262 passing yards and a touchdown pass to Rashee Rice. He rushed for 41 yards on two carries.

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