Actual Baby Boomers Will Remember These 1970s Trends

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Jell-O Salads 

Every 70s dinner party had the Jell-O salad, the star. Fruit, veggies, and sometimes tuna in a wobbling gelatin tower. Like a science experiment you could eat, but shouldn't.

Pet Rocks 

People thought pets were too mainstream in the 1970s. Pet Rock, the low-maintenance pet, never needed walking or feeding. One rock with googly eyes rocked our world.

Wearing Bell-Bottoms 

Remember those 100-pound kitchen wall-mounted phones? You needed an extra-long phone cord to reach the next room for privacy.

Lava Lamps 

Lava lamps, The colorful goo dancing in a sleek tube was like watching psychedelic jellyfish at a slow rave. Ideal for contemplating life's deep mysteries, like why we chose shag carpets.

Mood Rings 

Pre-emoji mood rings expressed feelings. Some say these magical accessories reveal your emotions by changing color with body temperature. Most were stuck on ‘anxious’ or ‘too cold.’


The waterbed resembled a mattress and an indoor pool. The hippest thing was sleeping on a giant, wobbly water balloon.

Shag Carpets 

Shag carpet felt like a furry forest. Unnatural-colored carpets were everywhere. It was hell to clean them, but having plush fibers between your toes was priceless.

Fondue Parties 

70s fondue parties were social media. Gather around molten cheese or chocolate and dip anything you could. Social, messy, and a great excuse to play with food.

8-Track Tapes 

Remember 8-tracks? The chunky cassette tape ancestors? They were the 70s Spotify, but they switched songs mid-song. An abrupt silence says ‘jam session’.

Bean Bag Chairs 

Bean bag chairs were the ultimate chill-out spot. Flopping into one was like falling into a soft pit of beans. 

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