Use These Gorgeous Home Products To Go Rustic

Proper Maintenance

Sometimes the things we see every day tend to disappear and we don’t notice them anymore. Stand back and look at your property and surrounding landscape.

Well-Tended Trees

Trees give a property depth and dimension and add an undefinable aesthetic allure, says Cervoni. After all, who doesn’t love the look of a big, shady tree on a hot summer day.

Repeating Elements To Create Unity

This is especially appropriate in the front yard, which is the first thing visitors see when they pull up to your house. “For example, all green and white with some purple accents is fine.

Attention To Detail

Details make all the difference. Keep walkways and paths level, tidy and weed-free, and ensure the driveway is in good repair and edged so grass isn’t creeping over it, says Cervoni.

Natural Materials For Outdoor Furnishings

When it comes to outdoor furniture, many designers are moving away from concrete and steel toward more natural materials, such as wood, rattan and woven fabrics in earthy colors.

Year-Round Color With Evergreens

A garden looks more lush and appealing with the addition of year-round color, says Thiem. Evergreens add texture, too. Beyond the classic boxwood, there are many other options for shrubs with flowers or handsome foliage colors.

Neatly Edged Landscaping Beds

“One of the simplest things that has a huge impact in a landscape is neat edging around beds,” says Cervoni. “Metal looks the cleanest and is easiest to maintain, but angled spade edges are crisp and neat and simple to expand as the landscape matures and the size of the beds change.

Large-Scale Pavers and Stonework

Large pavers and stonework look more dramatic and expensive, rather than the smaller-scale pavers that you can buy anywhere, says Thiem. The bigger scale feels more grand and less cookie-cutter.

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