10 Unique Regional American Food

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Green Chile (New Mexico): Roasted spicy green chiles used in various dishes like enchiladas and burgers.

Lobster Roll (New England): A seafood sandwich with lobster meat, mixed with mayo and served in a toasted roll.

Gumbo (Southern Louisiana): A rich stew with a mix of ingredients, often including seafood, andouille sausage, and a flavorful roux served over rice.

Chislic (Midwest): Deep-fried, seasoned meat cubes, often served with garlic sauce.

Hoppin' John (Southern U.S.): A dish made with black-eyed peas, rice, and often served with collard greens, eaten for good luck on New Year's.

Navajo Taco (Southwest, Navajo Nation): Fry bread topped with taco ingredients.

Scrapple (Mid-Atlantic): A pork-based dish made from scraps and cornmeal, pan-fried for breakfast.

 Fry Sauce (Utah): A condiment made from ketchup and mayo, used as a dip for French fries.