10 Things Experts Say You Should Never Keep in Your Bedroom Closet

Mud Shoes

If your shoes are muddy, don't put them in your closet until they're cleaned. Professional organizer recommends leaving them in the mudroom or entryway. No dirt, no stress in your closet.

Hazardous Materials

Never store flammable liquids, chemicals, or materials in the bedroom closet. It is recommended to store them in a secure, separate area from main living spaces.

Excessive Hangers

Removing extra hangers is a simple yet effective step toward maintaining an organized, functional, and visually pleasing wardrobe space.

Pet Supplies

Keeping pet food, litter boxes, and toys in the bedroom closet may seem convenient, but it can cause hygiene issues. Keep these items in a pet-friendly room outside your bedroom.


If possible, store luggage in a separate area like a storage room or under a bed. This prevents it from taking up valuable closet space.

Workout Gear

While keeping workout gear in your bedroom closet may save space, it can cause visual and mental clutter. Designate a home gym or dedicated workout space to organize exercise equipment.

Unworn Garments

No-longer-fitting or rarely-worn clothes can take up closet space. To limit your closet to clothes you wear, donate or store these items.

Paperwork and Important Records

Avoid using your closet as a filing cabinet. Keep important documents in a home office or filing cabinet. This practice guarantees orderliness and a clutter-free closet.

Too Much Bedding

Having spare bedding is essential for cleanliness, but too many sheets and blankets can overcrowd your bedroom closet. This method keeps the space tidy and frees up space for other necessities.

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