10 Best Bodyweight Exercises To Build a Lean Upper Body


Standard push-ups engage the entire upper body. Widening your grip emphasizes the chest, while a narrow grip focuses on the triceps.


Overhand grip emphasizes the upper back, while an underhand grip places more emphasis on the biceps.


Performed on parallel bars or sturdy surfaces, dips effectively engage the upper body.

Bodyweight Rows:

Utilizing a bar or suspension trainer, bodyweight rows mimic a horizontal pull motion, targeting the upper back and lats.

Tricep Dips:

Performed on parallel bars or an elevated surface, tricep dips isolate and tone the triceps while engaging the shoulders.

Handstand Push-Ups:

Requiring a wall for support, handstand push-ups are an advanced movement that targets.

Superman Exercise:

Performed lying face down, the superman exercise engages the posterior chain.

Plank Variations:

High plank engages the entire core, side plank targets the obliques, and adding shoulder taps increases shoulder engagement.


Combining a jump, push-up, and squat, burpees are a dynamic, calorie-burning exercise that targets multiple muscle groups.

Bodyweight Bicep Curls:

Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, simulate a bicep curl by contracting the biceps against the resistance of your own body.


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